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News Archives


Evelyn begins her new job as Senior Consultant with Paradigm

Paradigm parterns with innovative companies to build stronger, more inclusive organizations.


Unwinding Prejudice Course w/Commune 

Break down bias & forge equality in  Commune's 5-day course with Evelyn.


Evelyn featured on the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences 20 under 40 list

See the full list here.


Is everyone a little racist? 

Listen to Evelyn's recent discussion with Jeff Krasno on the Commune Podcast.


Evelyn on the podcast The Final World: Dialogues w/ Fangela 

Evelyn is on an episode discussing how to detect/discuss racial bias


"Is This How Discrimination Ends?"  

Evelyn is featured in The Atlantic article “Is This How Discrimination Ends?”


“Even at Starbucks? A conversation grows about hidden racial bias”

Evelyn is featured in this Christian Science Monitor article.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 5.24.22 PM.png

"Creating Inclusive Creatures: What to do and What to Ditch" 

Evelyn is featured in The Honeycomb Works blog.


Introducing Illuminate Diversity Consulting 

Evelyn is excited to announce that she has co-founded illuminate diversity consulting with her wonderful colleague, Jon Feingold, J.D. Click the link to learn more.


Building Community Among SPSP's Black Membership 

Read this article about one way Evelyn and her colleague sought to create community among Black social and personality psychologists.


Evelyn Carter speaking at From Awareness to Action: The Path Toward Meaningful Allyship 

Click the link to view video.